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Hey Guys!

Photo Credit: Stuart Miles/FDP

Photo Credit: Stuart Miles/FDP


I wanted to create this particular page to let you know how I will handle product reviews.  


I have to start out by saying that I LOVE trying products.  I have staple products that I use BUT I will always experiment with different all-natural products because there are so many of them out there.  You never know what’s out there unless you try it right?


I buy a LOT of products and I will probably start buying more to try because I am also starting a YouTube Channel (yayy!!) and product reviews will be a component of my channel.  I am also working on a Podcast and occasionally I will throw a product review in there to mix up the content a bit.


What exactly is a product review?


A product review is what a person does when they try a new product and then tell an audience about their experience with that product.  It’s a good way for a person looking to purchase a product to gauge whether they actually want to spend the money on a product.  I have bought many products based on the recommendations of another person.  I mean in real life, don’t we do this all the time?  The only difference is in real life it’s just called word of mouth.  Online, it’s called a product review.


My product reviews will be a mix.  There will be products that I purchase myself because I want to try them and tell you about it.  There will be products that companies will give me for free so that I can promote it on my blog.  There will be companies who PAY me for a sponsored post (positive review for money).  


Here’s where I stand on sponsored posts.  I don’t promote anything that I don’t like or believe in.  It has to align with my beliefs about all natural products.  I will never accept money or free products solely because I want to make a few bucks.   If I don’t like the product once I’ve tried it, I will contact the company to work out other arrangements.  What I will NOT do is give a positive review on a product that I did not like.


You can be CERTAIN that if I am promoting it, I LOVE IT.  Period.  Whether or not I am receiving compensation or free product to try in exchange for a product review should be irrelevant because I won’t do it if I don’t genuinely like/love the product I am reviewing.  


For more information on product reviews and other important information, check out my disclosure page.


If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me using the form below.  



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