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Welcome to MY ALL NATURAL LIFE: where NATURAL LIVING is the journey of my life.


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I LOVE FREE STUFF!!!  I mean who doesn’t?  For me, it’s a chance to try a product that I have never heard about, have heard about but have not yet purchased or try an expensive product that I’m not sure it’s worth spending the money on.  Why not try before you buy right?  

There is nothing wrong with trying things for free and I will continue to do so as long as it’s a product that I GENUINELY LOVE.  The thing about receiving free product or pay for a blog post review is that you HAVE to disclose it.  I have NO issues with disclosure because I would have disclosed it anyway.  I have a high level of integrity both in my private and professional life that would make it impossible for me to be inauthentic and purposefully misleading.  

The FTC (Federal Trade Commission) requires bloggers to disclose whether or not they are being compensated in exchange for a review of their product which is why you’ve landed on this page.




  • First, I love YOU!!  I LOVE my readers ALOT.  Thank you for being here.  Thank you for reading and commenting on my posts.  Thank you for your support.  Okay, enough of the mushy stuff!


  • The whole point of MY ALL NATURAL LIFE is to share with you my journey to a more natural lifestyle and to let you know about products that may or not be available to you to help you on your own journey.  You can read more about WHY I started MANL here.  I may enter into partnerships with some brands that I support and possibly get a small commission off of anything that you may buy.  Why?  Because I want my own stuff too duh!!  


  •  I have decided to allow certain types of ads (that adhere to my mission statement OF COURSE) and sponsored posts to buffer the costs of maintaining this blog and funding other projects that I am going to be involved with concerning MY ALL NATURAL LIFE.  


  • I love Natural Living.  I will write about all things Natural Living–you know food, the environment, the home, food, beauty products, health stuff oh and did I mention food?  Sometimes people give me stuff and want me to write about it so I do, as long as it meets my guidelines because I’m serious about my mission!


  • I will NEVER try to sell you anything that I have not tried or will not try.  More than likely I have already tried and reviewed the product but in the case of ads, I will only partner with affiliates that share my message of being good for your body and good for the environment.  Please let me know if you see any ads that do not match this description and I will address it.


  • I am NOT deceitful nor will I ever be.  First of all I’m too old and I don’t have the energy it takes.  I fully intend to maintain great relationships with my reader friends and will not do anything to jeopardize our relationship.  I want to you keep coming back after all!!  I will ALWAYS disclose in the post, video or podcast that I have received the product in exchange for a blog post of some kind.  Check out some of my previous product reviews.  


  • I will not accept offers from companies that I do not support their message and ethics.  I have to believe in your message before I will agree to test your product.  I will do my research before accepting the invitation to test and review ANY product.


  • I will not accept review invitations from companies who require me to say that I LOVE their product.   I must be at liberty to give an HONEST opinion about the product that I have tested.  Reviewing a product does not nor will it ever guarantee a positive review.  If I love it, I will say that I love it and I will mean it.  If I don’t love it but don’t hate it, I will give my reasons.  You can trust that.


  • Before leaving a totally negative review, especially if I HATE the product (hey, it happens), I will contact the company to see if we can forego the product review.  I really don’t like saying that I totally HATE a product so I will first opt to not do the review.


I will have a lot of links on my blog.  That’s just how we bloggers roll!  Just because there is a link to a product does NOT necessarily mean that it is an affiliate link.  I may link to another one of my posts (because I really want you to read this content that I’ve worked so hard to create for you), to information elsewhere on the web (I occasionally like to give other people props too), a source (because sometimes it’s just easier) or a product that I have reviewed but have not been compensated for.

I like trying new products period.  If I have been paid or given it for free, you’ll know.  You’ll know because I will tell you.  There will be NO doubt that it is a sponsored post.  So relax, and stay a while.

Thanks for reading all of this mumbo jumbo!!  It took a long time to write so I appreciate you staying.  Now, go click around and read some more juicy stuff!  If you need to reach me or if you have questions, please check out my contact page.  


Live Life Naturally,




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